"The things that make me different are the things that make me.” A.A. Milne

Bruno Triplet is a french born textile designer based in London, who has been creating for over 25 years a distinctly singular and luxurious collection of contemporary textiles, working with the most influential and visionary interior designers and architects worldwide.

Authenticity and consistency are some of the most evident qualities of his creative work. His instinctual choice for quality over quantity and his dedication to promote a discreet and timeless contemporary lifestyle, away from noise and distractions, is inherent to all his deceptively pared-down designs, sensual textures and unique subtle colours.

His attention to detail and his uncompromising choices imbue all aspects of his work; small scale productions, privileging timeless crafts and the human touch, choice of noble natural fibres with their unsurpassed qualities, close collaboration with small and long-standing suppliers, flexibility in his designs and patterns allowing tailored options, superb colour range, limited distribution and promotion, with no aggressive marketing strategy.

As a passionate and approachable independent designer rather than a generic brand, always opting for discretion and merit through endeavour, Bruno has gathered over the years the ever increasing admiration and support of a sophisticated and discerning international clientele for the effortless modern chic of his creations.