Horizontal stripes / 4 ply silk


One of the endearing (and enduring) clichés about British people is that, at the slightest ray of sunshine, out come the shorts, the flip flops and other rarely used wardrobe basics, for better and often for worse.

But as we are currently experiencing these days of uninterrupted sunshine and blue skies, here we are already thinking about spring and summer. Could we be out finally out of those short, dark and cold days? (of course not!) But we live in hope.

Horizontal stripes are timeless and recurring in many cultures and ages. Often, they convey this liberated feeling, this “outside the box” thinking and the defiance to convention and order. They also exult in the summery mood, optimism and free spirit.

As we are now living “in the moment” more than ever, sadly more out of pragmatism than conscious choice, let’s embrace this early spring spirit and daydream of better days to come, of distant horizons getting closer.

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