All at sea / colourway Anything goes


Colourway Anything goes shown here in a variety of textures, including two brand new ones made of silk and cotton. It has a nautical vibe, of blue seas and horizons, of fresh air and freedom.

“Anything goes” is the title of a song about the zany world of the 1930’s written by Cole Porter in 1934, and a musical of the same name set on board of an ocean liner. Many of the lyrics include humorous references to figures of scandal and gossip from the Depression-era high society.

This clean shade of ocean blue evokes with nostalgia these long gone days of travelling, in style, across the Atlantic, where for eight days you were free from all worldly attachments and time pressure.

True luxury.

But it is also a wry nod at our self preservation and sanity facing a world increasingly shocking, unfair and incoherent, where we are slowly getting accustomed to the worst out of convenience.

That fine line between despair and hope. Imagination and humour are, for the moment, our only way to navigate these dark times.

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